Code of Ethics

In the name of God
The Code of Ethics of Kar Afarinan Parsian Taimaz (Persian Times Entrepreneurs) Association

The Kar Afarinan Parsian Timz Association requires and undertakes to comply with the following rules to maintain national and organizational interests by belief to the will of the creator of the universe:

1- Full compliance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in matters relating to the relationship with the entrepreneurs of the Islamic World

2- Understanding, mutual respect, cooperation and consultation with the members of the community and the entrepreneurs of the Islamic world, to resolve the problems and barriers of interconnection where necessary.

3- Establishing and strengthen the relations of the association with international, cultural and scientific associations and communities for the further introduction of the association to the international community and bilateral scientific and cultural cooperation.

4- Strengthening the free space of scientific discussions and contemplation on important and critical social and political issues of entrepreneurship

5- Extending communication with executive agencies to provide cultural, social and scientific services and gaining support.

6- Attempting to disseminate the culture of legality, ruling of law, and responsibility in the Muslim world.
7- Creating a friendly atmosphere and mutual trust among clients and staff.

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